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Our production cycle, it’s able to provide:

Raw materials

Raw materials

Feathers and Down, the whole range of materials for upholstery cleaned and sterilized for each use, and in each sector.

From the feather cushions for sofa’s furniture, to the precious down flake 95% for garments and quilts for the bed of high quality.

Orapluma is able to provide all the necessary health certificates for the import and export of Feathers and Down.

Natural and synthetic fabrics for specific containment and maintenance of Feather and Down,(Feather-proof and Down-proof).

Padding with polyester staple for the upholstered furniture industry and for filling of cushions, pillow and quilts.

Partly finished products

Partly finished products

Interior upholstered in goose Down for clothing (feather bags).

Our modern machinery at our disposals, and our competence in the production of jackets padded down, allow us to project, manufacture and fill any type of internal padded garments. We can only provide the padded bag-down or the finished garment product (with client’s brand).

Our industry expertise and tailoring it’s now widely recognized by major European customers.

Partly finished products (2)

Cushions and components for upholstered sofas, armchairs, sofas.

In addition to everything in Feather pillow, we design seats and backs mixed with feathers and polyester fiber or feathers and polyurethane foam.

Constructive solutions are designed in cooperation with the client, to produce optimal products.

Our long experience in this field of cushion making, is guarantee of competence and service quality.

Finished products

Finished products

Quilts, Duvets, Pillows and accessories for the bed, sacks-Feather for camping.

We produce a wide range of products and feathers duvet for the bed, high quality quilts and duvets, mattress cover and pillows for the Home and for the Hotels business.

Cushions and accessories for the upholstered furniture.

The external fabrics are available in different types and colors. Both in pure cotton that mixed up the precious silk.

The natural padding, requires not only fabrics down-proof, but it’s important to have a good making to give a extra quality to the duvet and prevent the escape of the down padding inside.