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The production process

The production process

The experience, competence and passion of the engineering team Orapluma, has developed a process of selection and processing, which produces the highest quality achievable by the feather and its products.

All the machines used are unique in their kind, built on the original project, based on years of experience and working of feathers and down.



It’s the first operation.

Orapluma collects goose Feathers and Down at the origin. We make the first verification before the acquisition.

The product is classified once selected, using automatic machines that exploit the difference in weight of Feather and Down;

so you get many classes of feathers, small feathers and down, that are used in various sectors.

Washing system

Washing system

The Feather and Down are washed with hot water and soap to the special temperature of 40-50 °C, using an extraordinary plant, unique of its kind, which work to “cascade”.

After several changes of water, in the last rinse, the product have been treated with a disinfectant.

So the product with hydro extractor is centrifuged at high speed to remove excess water.

Drying and sterilization

Drying and sterilization

Modern autoclaves, drying the product at a temperature of 144 °C.

The product is not just dried, but subject to a proper sterilization at high temperatures.

These machines use an innovative new technology that allows you to get high temperature without the use of pressure to ensure maximum safety.

Dedusting and cooling

Dedusting and cooling

After the product was dried and sterilized, it’s pass through a tunnel drilled outside, which suction any remaining dust.

This operation also cools the product and bring it to the right humidity.

The Feather and Down are not allergic, and allergy have caused by dust

The entire production process and this last operation, ensure that our products are free of dust, and hypoallergenic.