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About us

About us



Orapluma was established in 1999, initially as an acquisition and processing feathers and down company.

But since 2011 it has expanded and transformed, becoming a factory able to make products of down and feathers in a vertical process; starting from raw material which after various technological processes, from selection, dusting, washing and sterilization, becomes finished products for the working and home sectors and that of feathers and down manufactured products for the home- sector: components for furniture and bed lines.

This is how ORAPLUMA SRL was founded and developed until today, thanks to the experience brought by its founders and domestic capacity accomplished in approximate 20 years of operation.

Orapluma is located in the North-West part of Romania, in the town of Aleşd, in a geographical area with old traditions in geese growth and feathers harvesting. In this fertile territory as actually the entire Romania is, there is tradition in handcraft products and Orapuluma reflects it by its activity of making down and feather articles.

History 2

The experience, the competence and the passion of the technical team developed during these years all production processes, ensuring the guarantee of a high quality level for the down and derivate articles. Based on the raw material purchased directly, Orapluma internal performs internally the entire stage of down processing. All equipment used in the production flow is unique, built on the original project based on the experience gained over the years for the activity of processing feathers and down. Orapluma relies on two industrial lines with a daily capacity of down washing of over 1000 kg, carries out a strict control of all phases of production.

The main service offered by Orapluma today is the making and filling of the semi-finished products from the down for garment sector using both internally and externally specialized staff. The production capacity is flexible according to different products for working directly and exclusively for our customers.

Both the modern equipment and technical competence to make sweaters filled with down feathers allow us designing, manufacturing and filling any types of linings for textile industry. We are able to provide a wide service range starting from the supply of raw materials, semi-finished products, (linings filled with down) to the end clothing article produced by third parties.

Our industrial professionalism and craft in making textile articles is recognized by major European customers.